MRT’s LIMITED Re-Opening for the High Holy Days and Religious School

During the past 5+ months MRT’s Congregants have maintained a strong virtual connection to each other, our Clergy, and our amazing live-streamed services. However, we also are aware of the significant interest in re-opening our building. We are working hard to balance this interest with the continued need for safety. For now, our High Holy Day services will be live-streamed in the same way as our Shabbat Services. However, in addition to the Clergy, those congregants being honored for their leadership and volunteerism will be permitted to attend selected services in-person. Read our Covid-19 HHD Services Policy and our Covid-19 Precautions Summary.  All participants will be required to fill in a Screening Questionnaire and a Statement of Understanding Form.

Religious School will be starting on October 4 per a detailed safety-conscious plan which will be communicated to the parents.