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There’s something for everyone at MRT’s flourishing, vibrant Sisterhood!

Welcome to our temple Sisterhood. The co presidents, Ellen Goldberg and Nancy Zaslowe, welcome any adult woman at MRT to join our vibrant group of women who are involved in many activities. Each participating woman brings a unique perspective, dynamic interests and many talents. As a Sisterhood, we are proud to bring together the women of our diverse congregation, and to find common ground amongst us.

Through Sisterhood membership and program participation, we provide opportunities for our temple family to deepen their connections to one another and to Judaism. We are a group of women of all ages, backgrounds, family structures, in all stages of life and with different interests who have found community. We welcome every woman and encourage you to join sisterhood and add your unique spirit.

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Peace, Love and Sisterhood,
MRT Sisterhood Board

Ellen Goldberg / Nancy Zaslowe / Karen Kahn
Karen Levinsky / Jill Austin / Cheryl Gaudette
Meryl Smith / Linda Burns / Marcia Rachlin / Anne Carney