Yom Rivii, 24 Av 5777
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Lifelong Learning at MRT!

Expand your horizons through our excellent and varied programming for knowledge-seeking adults.  All programs are open to everyone and we welcome your participation.  The MRT Library houses current reference, non-fiction and fiction volumes for your perusal and borrowing.  Do join us!

MRT Studied with Rabbi Uri Regev at Shabbat Kallah 2016!

MRT's annual Shabbat Kallah speaker was Rabbi Uri Regev who gave three consecutive, text-based talks on May 7, 2016: “Who is a Jew?”  “Can Israel be both Jewish and Democratic?” and the third, “Liberal Judaism and the religious/state clash in Israel.”  A Havdalah service was conducted and a buffet was served. This program was made possible through a bequest by Past MRT President Bob Rosin to the Shabbat Kallah Fund. Rabbi Regev is one of the founding strong voices of the Israeli Religious Action Center, now past President of the World Union for Progressive Judaism, and now as founder and executive director of Hiddush (a multi-cultural activist think tank).

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    Cantor Gabrielle Clissold, Adult Jewish Learning Chair Eleanor Rubin, Rabbi Uri Regev and Rabbi Marc Kline at Monmouth Reform Temple Shabbat Kallah on May 7.
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  • ShabbatKallah2016 030
    Rabbi Uri Regev speaking at Shabbat Kallah on May 7 about Israel and democracy.
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    Participants listening to Rabbi Uri Regev.