Youth Learning at MRT is Special!

PACT Programming

PACT or Parents and Children Together provides a unique opportunity for families to engage in educational programming throughout the school year. Scheduled during the regular Religious School day, these periodic events enable parents and children to explore the way family traditions and heritage have shaped their own experience of Judaism. PACT programs start the conversation, encourage communication, and bring to life the ideas your student is studying in class.

Class Led Services

Once a year our students in grades 4-6 have the opportunity to participate in congregational services, where they lead appropriate prayers and apply what they have learned in class to practical use. These are community events for the whole synagogue, a chance to celebrate Shabbat with fresh eyes and the excitement our youth bring to our traditions.


Each year high school students serve as aids in Sunday morning classes. Participants receive teacher training including skills for lesson creation, classroom management, and planning. While it is an opportunity to serve and gain valuable skills, it is also a chance for our outstanding youth to become role models for the younger children in our community.

Special Needs

Monmouth Reform Temple is committed to providing the best Jewish educational experiences for all of our students, regardless of special challenges they may face. We are proud to offer responsive alternatives such as inclusion classrooms and one-on-one tutoring. Our staff participates in ongoing education programs designed to maintain best practices in classroom management and personalized teaching.