Vision, Mission, and Values



Monmouth Reform Temple – Our Spiritual Community-Where We Nurture Meaning in Our Lives


We are an inclusive community where creativity and openness to new ideas harmonize with the traditions of Reform Judaism. For all ages we provide multiple pathways to spiritual growth and lifelong learning.

We seek to be inspired and to inspire each other in a spiritual journey. We engage in joyful, participatory, musical and meaningful experiences.

We build communities of enduring relationships that nourish commitment to each other and to Judaism. We are a source of strength to one another as we share the joys and challenges of our lives.

By speaking out and taking action, we seek to improve the quality of human existence and help heal our world. As we work together we create a Jewish presence in the community.

We create opportunities for individuals and families to study and learn together. We enable members to learn about and connect with the evolving relevance of Judaism in our lives.

We affirm our continuing support of Israel. We understand that to be a Jew is to be a part of the extended Jewish family.

Each of us is a steward of MRT’s financial, physical and human resources. This includes our temple’s good name.



In all aspects of temple life – spiritual, educational and social – these values are our common bond and support our common effort:


We are guided by Torah as we strive to live ethical lives. In search of spiritual and intellectual nourishment, we become aware of a sense of wonder, amazement and being in God’s presence. Our deeds reflect our gratitude for the gift of life and its blessings.


In all our relationships we treat each other in a way that preserves individual dignity and welcomes new ideas. Courtesy, directness, and openness to others will guide our interactions and demonstrate our trustworthiness.


We welcome all who choose to embrace Judaism in their lives and homes, regardless of background. As builders of community, we care about each other in all our diversity.

Lifelong Learning

MRT is a center of life-long learning, where we search for meaning, we study, we question, and we seek the sacred. Learning enables us all to progress from knowledge to commitment to action.


In partnership with clergy and staff, we count on our members to contribute their talents, resources and energy to ensure the vitality of MRT’s community. We depend on our members to be informed and participate in decision-making.