About The Men’s Club

MRT Men’s Club promotes camaraderie and Judaism among MRT males, harmony and spirit in our Temple, and acts as a service arm to our congregation and community.

Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of odd months, from 7:00 – 8:30 PM

All MRT male congregants are welcomed and encouraged to be a part of Men’s Club.

Some of our events and programs include:

Sukkah Set Up / Take Down
Beer Fest / Beer Run
Bar / Bat Mitzvah Gift Presenters
Attending Sports Events at Local Bars
Dinner in the Sukkah
Fund Raising Events
Family Based Activities / Meet-Ups
High Holy Day Ushers / Greeters
Mother’s Day Celebration
Softball Team
Charitable Events
Participation in Mitzvah Day
Joining Sisterhood on Various Events
Supporting Our Religious School
Supporting Our Youth Group
Poker Games (see photo)
Assist in the Red Bank Street Fair (see other photo)
Golf / Sailing Outings
Vendor Day
Poker Games
Social Gatherings
Guest Speakers
mens club poker 2015


In order for us to continue these events and programs – and more, we need your support: a little of your time, your ideas and enthusiasm, and yes a little gelt.

Suggested annual donations are $36.00.  Your Men’s Club donations can be:

  • Dropped off at the MRT office
  • Mailed to MRT
  • Submitted via the MRT website (scroll further down on this page)
  • Brought to a Men’s club meeting

Thank you for your support!!

Scott Schneider

MRT Men’s Club President