Fair Trade and MRT

American Jewish World Service Fair Trade Project: Better Beans

Many voices in the Jewish tradition tell us that when we buy and sell goods, we must treat our partners fairly and honestly. We are forbidden to deceive or cheat merchants, customers, or producers in any way. In our globalized economy, we Jews must engage both our hearts and our minds when we shop for goods, so that our ethical consumption enables a harmonious and thriving global society. Better Beans is a partnership between American Jewish World Service and Equal Exchange that allows our congregations, community organizations, and individuals to buy top-quality coffee beans and chocolate while supporting the efforts of small growers and co-operatives in the developing world. 
These farmers often struggle to compete in a global production and distribution system that favors larger growers and multinational corporations. To stay in business and feed their families, small and medium-scale farmers must receive fair prices for their crops and affordable credit; they must engage in long- term trade relationships with partners whom they can trust. Equal Exchange and its affiliate programs, such as Better Beans, exist to create a global market for these farmers and to provide them with access to the financial resources and assistance that they need to operate without being exploited. In addition to supporting small farmer co-ops, a portion of every pound of coffee or chocolate purchased through Better Beans will go to support AJWS’s  Fighting Hunger from the Ground Up campaign.