Jay Feigus, Immediate Past President

FeigusBusy, busy, busy. If he’s not coaching his daughter’s softball team or running his office furniture business, he’s at MRT volunteering. Jay Feigus is a busy person.

Born in Brooklyn, NY he moved to Middletown when he was 3. His grandparents and parents joined MRT at that time. The Feigus’s are now a 4th generation MRT family. Jay was Bar Mitzvahed at MRT by Rabbi Winters and has good memories from those days. He went to Middletown South High School where he played football and baseball. He then attended Rutgers where he played baseball and majored in Economics. He graduated in 1987. The family office furniture business was waiting for him and he is now partners with his brother.

Rabbi Priesand married Jay and his first wife Cynthia in 1996 and she also named their daughter Julia. After Cynthia passed away Jay married Monica in 2003 and Kate was born in 2005. Jay was always somewhat active in MRT with the Arts Festival but as his children became more involved so did he.

With a push from Gaby and Rabbi Pearlman Jay joined some committees but it was Semmes Brightman constantly calling him that finally did it. Jay found that the more he volunteered the better he felt. “I like to help people,” is a constant refrain from Jay. “If I can make changes to help people I feel better. I like volunteering because I can make a difference.”

In his “free” time, Jay enjoys golf, football games and Mets games.

Boy are we lucky to have Jay at MRT!!!

By Bob St. Lifer