Kerry Krachman, Social Action Trustee

“He’s laughing all the way to the bank,” is one of Kerry’s favorite quotes. And if you want to know why you will just have to ask her. A long time member of MRT she joined with her husband Evan and their 2 children more than 20 years ago, but her affiliation goes back even further. Her parents were members of MRT. She has vivid memories of attending services and onegs at the Presbyterian Church in Shrewsbury as a child.

Kerry likes to mix it up when it comes to exercise and enjoys reading. Istanbul and Turkey are places she would love to visit and, of course, Israel.

If she ever won the lottery Kerry would set up a philanthropic foundation focusing on less popular causes that need attention. She is also very concerned about animal welfare. Good luck on winning the lottery Kerry and thank you for all you do for MRT.

 By Doreen Laperdon-Addison