MRT Bulletin – Winter 2021


MRT Community News
As I embrace this new year of 2021, I realize that one day does not make a difference in how we live our lives. It is the first week of a secular new year, but our synagogue year begins on July 1 of each year.
Last year at this time, I was optimistic about all of the ways we could move forward as a congregation. Despite the pandemic closing our doors, we have been able to maintain many connections and create new ones. This past fall, we used our Zoom technology to discuss social justice through the Seeing Human Through a Jewish Lens program, to gather with the Presbyterian Church at Shrewsbury on Thanksgiving for our annual service, and to celebrate all 8 nights of Hanukkah including our annual Flame Fest. None of this is normal. This was not a normal year. We forged on with determination to keep our temple traditions and to create new ones.
MRT is your home. You joined a congregation to find connection in your Judaism. As your temple president, I take seriously my responsibility to keep everyone safe and secure, while realizing this need for community. None of this could happen without our incredible temple leaders.
I am happy to report that changes to our By-Laws have been approved through a congregational vote. These changes reflect a desire to be more inclusive, mirroring our catch phrase Open Doors Open Minds. I am proud of our temple leaders and our clergy for embracing change as we face new challenges in this year and beyond.
Now that the laws of our congregation have been amended, it is time to do the work to make it happen. I am appointing a Nominating Committee to find people who would like to serve on committees and in positions on the Board of Trustees. When asked to serve, please consider the honor and STEP UP. Our Board Structure will look different with fewer trustees and no Executive Board. Our hope is for more visionary discussions than managerial work at the Board level, empowering our committees to do the details that need to get done.
Wishing you and your families a Healthy, Happy Secular New Year!
Marjorie Wold
Here are just a few of our upcoming virtual events.
Scroll down for more details:
January 14th: Sisterhood Book Club, 7pm
January 14th: Men’s Club Virtual Jewish Discussions with Rabbi Kline, 7pm
January 15th: Shabbat service in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr weekend, 7pm
January 16th: Zoom Havdalah service, 7pm
January 21st: Adult Education welcomes Professor Maya Katz, 12pm
January 28th: Temple Tu B’Shevat seder, led by the Veganism Committee, 7pm
January 31st: Panel discussion of film “Shared Legacies” by Menemsha Films, 6pm
A Message from Rabbi Marc Kline
BRRRRR!!!!!! It’s cold outside! We find ourselves in the midst of winter. This may be a relatively mild one, but it is still winter and outside, there is very little difference between 40 degrees and 30 degrees when it is wet and windy. It is bitter cold!
Of course, when the temperatures drop even further, we become increasingly thankful for the roofs over our heads, the walls that surround us, and the heat that warms us. 
The problem is that more and more people find themselves without the roof, walls, or heat. As the economy becomes more challenging, the number of people without homes or shelter is skyrocketing. even while unemployment and underemployment is a huge burden, more and more families work 40 hours a week jobs at minimum wage and earn below the national poverty level as the cost of living continues to rise.
Our tradition teaches us that we cannot stand idly while our neighbor bleeds.
Bringing food for the pantries is an essential bandaid, but our obligation goes much deeper. We learn that we are supposed to root out poverty and help people become self-sustaining. MRT currently partners with several organizations that focus on life-skill training and mentoring. Between our work at Interfaith Neighbors, The Center in Asbury Park, Family Promise, HabCore, and Lunch Break, we stand well-represented in the community of training. As we prepare to return from the pandemic, we need more people to give into becoming mentors and trainers. even our youth can help with homeless youth. Our goal is to prove the adage, “When everybody does better, everybody does better.”
Between now and then, though, we face the harshest of situations at a time when we are shackled by restrictions. Still, those who can, can volunteer at shelters and for intake at Code Blue Centers. We have and can still can collect coats and socks; hats, scarves, and gloves. We periodically pick up coffee, hot chocolate, and donuts or muffins and go the train stations early mornings to help those who spent the night on benches or sheltered by at least one wall of the building’s exterior. 
Every one of us who finds ourselves blessed to have what we have can demonstrate our appreciation by paying them forward. At a time when there is such great need, Torah’s greatest command to love your neighbor as yourself sings loudly, and the call from the prophet Micah rings true, “God has told you, humanity, what God requires of you: ‘Do Justice, Love Mercy, and Walk Humbly With God.” Along the way, even while we are helping others, we will learn a lot about ourselves – just how blessed we are. Be well. Stay safe. Share with your arms. Give from your heart.  
Martin Luther King, Jr. Service
Dedicated to the Voices of Justice
In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, please join us for a Shabbat service dedicated to the Voices of Justice – Friday, January 15th at 7:00pm. We will continue our partnership with Second Baptist Church of Asbury Park, as Rev. Semaj Vanzant will co-lead our worship with Rabbi Kline and give the sermon. Joining Cantor Clissold to provide music will be Dan Kahn and Second Baptist Music Minister John Payne. In speaking about whether or not Dr. King’s dream has been made real, Dr. Vanzant will provoke thought and ideas to spawn a series of public conversations.
Click HERE to watch live.
Monmouth Reform Temple, Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ, & Axelrod Performing Art Center present:
“Shared Legacies” by Menemsha Films
The crucial historical lessons of Black-Jewish cooperation are revisited and revived in this utterly fascinating, urgent call to action. 
Film Screening: January 25-28, 2021 (independently)
Panel Discussion: January 31, 2021 | 6:00 pm EST
Join distinguished leaders from both the Jewish and Black communities to discuss this inspiring story of unity, empathy, and partnership validating the ubiquity of the human experience, and how freedom and equality for all can be achieved only when people come together to support each other in calling out hate and “seeing human.”
Stay tuned for more information.
Happy New Year again! It is interesting to reflect on the last several months since quarantine began. We all had to get used to being home, wearing masks, not seeing people, and not hugging. As for me, I have been working on teaching, trying to lead the temple, and leading worship, all virtually. All these strange things have become commonplace. As I reflect on the last several months at MRT, I can’t believe how complicated it has been. I hope this gives you an interesting glimpse into how our temple has been moving ahead despite all of the challenges.
My work at MRT is often structured around teaching. Teaching virtually is very challenging. Since the quarantine started in March until July 8th, my teaching was all virtual.  On July 8th, some students returned to meeting in person with masks, sanitation, and a lucite barrier between us. In November, as several districts moved back to virtual instruction due to rising Covid cases, I too moved back to all virtual teaching. I am very grateful for the children and their tenacity. Studying in school all day on a screen and then meeting again with me on a screen isn’t an easy way to learn, and not very natural, but I am so proud of their progress and grateful for their flexibility. 
Lifecycle Events also had to became virtual. We had Zoom B’nai Mitzvah, Zoom Shivas, Zoom funerals, and Zoom baby namings!
Figuring out how we were going to structure the High Holy Days was a gargantuan task, between myself, Rabbi Kline, Marjorie Wold, the ritual committee, and the Covid task force. We had so many meetings and much to consider and arrange. We were and are “learning on the fly”. Since Covid hit, I read at least one epidemiology study a week! With very careful planning and much work, we enjoyed hearing shofar, Torah, and Haftarah readings, and congregants who came in to do (in person) readings. We were able to Livestream from our very own bima in real-time, and had thousands of screens throughout the Holy Days in attendance. In addition, we were able to send personal video greetings to all of you and a recorded shofar session (with a bird) in our own parking lot! Many volunteers made this all possible, and I will always look back on this time with gratitude for their assistance.  
I have so much more to tell you! Please click HERE to read the rest of my message.
Religious School News
Besides the usual challenges of developing meaningful curriculum, communicating effectively with families and providing professional development for teachers as at the start of any other school year, we needed to develop a plan to put all these pieces together in a safe and effective way in a COVID environment. With the help and the support of our families, the congregation and the amazing custodial staff, we developed a hybrid model, where the younger classes (K-4th grades) started school in-person, outdoors, under tents, and the older classes were in virtual classes. We also put into place safety protocols that aligned with the requirements from the CDC and NJ health departments. It worked wonderfully. We were able to have our youngest students with their classmates, live, in a way they learn best, in a safe environment, until the end of December. Rethinking our programming to adjust to the new situation forced us to think creatively and allowed for a welcome flexibility in instruction.
We might have Religious School classes outdoors again next year, even if it is not necessary! For those families who were not comfortable with in-person learning, we offered a Family Learning option with a periodic Zoom check-in. Maintaining our school community and developing new relationships, adapting to the necessities of the COVID environment while also continuing the high level of instruction, has been our priority in the school this fall. We could not have accomplished this without the wholehearted support of the MRT community.
Thank you,
Thank you for participating in all of our Chanukah activities and programs. It was wonderful to see the MRT community celebrating and helping, together.
You donated over $1,000 in gift cards to needy families served by 180 Turning Lives Around.
There was enough food donated for our “Can-ned Menorah” to provide 137 meals at Fulfill food bank.
Ten crates, about 800 books, were donated to Bridge of Books, serving children in the NJ foster care system.
Thank you to Karen Seligman and Amy Sukinik for organizing and delivering all the donations.
Congregational Learning
Congregational Learning’s focus this year is on the Seeing Human Through a Jewish Lens series on racism and social justice. There was so much interest in the subject that we needed to form three different groups for the series of discussions lasting over three months. The discussions, based on White Fragility by Robin DeAngelo, generated much thoughtful and respectful conversation and a desire for further exploration.
We are looking forward to starting a new topic in the spring. Sisterhood is sponsoring discussions on the history of slavery and the civil rights movement, based on the NYT 1619 Project, in February. Various speakers from the community and on Zoom will provide enrichment and varied viewpoints on the articles. We are also planning a program for parents on “How To Raise An Anti-Racist Child” in March. Adult Education will sponsor Rabbi Alysa Stanton, the first Black female rabbi ordained by HUC for programming in May.
The eight nights of Chanukah provided a wonderful backdrop to eight nights of programming for all ages. During the “Bringing the Miracle of Light Into Our Lives”, we coupled a temple-wide candle-lighting every night with programs for younger children and a series for adults on everything from Kabbalah and meditation to social justice and text based discussion.
MRT’s Veganism group’s first cooking event had a Thanksgiving theme; delicious vegan turkey stuffing. Next was an edible dreidel for Chanukah. Look for more recipes for Tu B’Shevat and Passover!
The 1619 Project
The next program in our Seeing Human Through a Jewish Lens series will be a three part discussion, facilitated by MRT Sisterhood and based on the New York Times articles from The 1619 Project, along with guest speakers.
The dates are:
February 1, 2021
February 11, 2021
February 22, 2021
More details to follow.
Adult Education Programs at MRT
Winter/Spring 2021
The Adult Education Committee has been working hard to bring engaging and meaningful programs to MRT this Winter and Spring. We hope you will join us on Zoom for these upcoming events:
We welcome Professor Maya Katz, of Bar-Ilan University in Israel, for a Zoom program on Thursday January 21, 2021, from 12pm-1:15pm. This presentation, about Jewish animators in the Soviet Union in the late 1960s, is titled Drawing the Iron Curtain: Jews and the Golden Age of Soviet Animation.
Please RSVP to to receive the link for this engaging program.
We welcome Rabbi Shira Stern, formerly of Monroe Township Jewish Center, for a Zoom program on Thursday March 4, 2021, from 7pm- 8:15pm. This presentation, regarding the ability of the Jewish people to repeatedly survive and rebuild following devastating events, is titled Jewish Resilience.
Please RSVP to for the link to this interesting program.
We welcome Rabbi Alysa Stanton as our guest rabbi for a Zoom Shabbat Kallah program, on Saturday May 8, 2021, from 10:30am-12pm and from 1pm-2:15pm, with a one-hour break between the two sessions. Rabbi Stanton’s presentations will explore the universal topic, notably relevant to our country at this time, of repairing the world, Tikkun Olam.
Please RSVP to for the link to this meaningful program.
We look forward to your joining us!
Exciting Vegan Programming at MRT

You may have already heard the exciting news that MRT has been blessed to receive a grant from Shamayim: Jewish Animal Advocacy group, to experiment with vegan programming for a year. According to Shamayim, the grant challenges Jewish communities to “think more deeply about animal welfare, kashrut (kosher law), and compassion for all, through gentle, non-judgmental discussion and by showing how nutritious and tasty plant-based foods can be.”

The first event that MRT launched was a delicious cook-along style Thanksgiving cooking class taught by Chef Joey Sobel from The Cinnamon Snail vegan food truck. 

We also successfully raised approximately $500 for The Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY to help feed and care for turkeys (instead of eating them) for this Thanksgiving. 

For Chanukah, we designed a vegan, edible dreidel baking program for the younger children.

Coming up, is a synagogue-wide Tu B’shvat seder, where we will use the grant monies for the seder.

We have many other delicious food-related and educational events on the horizon. Watch for news in the MRT Eblasts, and check our Facebook page for upcoming programs. 

This month’s Tzedakah collection will support the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism – New Jersey (RAC-NJ). Having worked closely with RAC-NJ on the voter registration initiative, we will continue our partnership working for justice as we dedicate our tzedakah collective to this mission and work. Click HERE to find out more about RAC-NJ and its 2021 Civic Engagement campaign
Donations to our virtual Tzedakah box can be made through check payable to MRT, or online by clicking HERE*.
*Please make sure to add a note to your payment specifying that the funds should be directed towards RAC-NJ.
Special thanks to Jonah Brustein for designing the Virtual Tzedakah Box.
Social Action Hard at Work Helping Communities
Our Social Action Committee continues to work hard and be very involved with our communities:
Serving the Homeless and Feeding the Hungry
There are several projects that the Social Action Committee members have initiated and led:
  • Coat drive and collection of gloves, hats & socks for Veterans – Dean Ross delivered these items on Thanksgiving.
  • Thanksgiving food collection for the Eatontown Food Coop – MRT participated, in collaboration with the Presbyterian Church at Shrewsbury.
  • Family Promise provides support for children experiencing homelessness and their families in Monmouth County. MRT has supported Family Promise for over 12 years. During this time of Covid, we have continued our support. Family Promise has reshaped its programs and continues to provide housing to homeless families in a hotel. MRT sponsored the families for a week in December, providing food and assistance with groceries, gas, and other needs. Kay Wiesenfeld is the contact for more information.
  • Holiday Gift Giving Program – Cheryl Gaudette led this effort, providing gifts for 65 individuals at the Center in Asbury Park and also for families through the Family Resource Associates in Red Bank (scroll down for more details).
  • Fulfill, the foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean County, is distributing crisis relief food boxes and more, with continuing urgency. Through December 31st, a generous donor provided matching contributions one-to-one. MRT supported this effort, especially as food insecurity needs in the community grow.
Holiday Cards – Susan St. Lifer reminded us of the importance of connection for residents of senior facilities, particularly during these times of increased isolation and separations. She quickly organized a group to write cards to 33 residents of an assisted living facility in Freehold. Members jumped at this opportunity and we will be looking into the possibility of continuing this effort during the coming year.
Climate Advocacy and Environmental Justice – Jay Wiesenfeld is leading our newly formed group to research and act on climate change and environmental justice issues (see more details below).
Social Action Shabbat, Friday, February 19th – Plans are currently underway for a vibrant Social Action Shabbat. Stay tuned for more details.
Mitzvah Day, Sunday, May 2, 2021 – We are planning for our Spring Mitzvah Day! Please save the date and join us for virtual opportunities and also (hopefully) in-person outdoor activities, as possible. Contact Rickie Kashdan ( or Marci Rachlin ( if you have ideas to share or want to help in the planning.
MRT’S Holiday Giving Program Was a Success
MRT’s holiday giving program went tremendously well! We provided gifts to about 56 adults and 14 babies and children with HIV/AIDS through The Center in Asbury Park. These individuals are mostly in shelters, group homes or homeless, and the children are often in foster care or with other caregivers, if not with their parents. Many of the previous donor organizations did not participate because of Covid, but MRT provided over double the original goal! Father Bob at The Center was very appreciative that so many people in need received some warm clothes and other requests so that they had a special day!
The second place that MRT brought happiness was in shopping for gifts for families through FRA in Red Bank. Our families at FRA have a child with a disability and are also struggling financially with the present day situation. MRT volunteers brought a great holiday to about 25 families! FRA had received a very generous donation which allowed us to buy gift cards for food, pay a needed bill, get lots of diapers, and to reimburse our shoppers! Our MRT shoppers had a lot of fun!! – Online or in stores, they purchased, wrapped, and delivered gifts on our family’s wish lists to FRA – needed gifts like clothes and shoes, as well as fun and educational/therapeutic toys, play tables, scooters and little bikes – along with Christmas cookies, decorations and other things to help make things cheerful!  
FRA delivers most of the gifts with a “Santa and Elves” – but even though with Covid all was outside and Santa was masked – the kids were still so excited and thrilled! It meant so much to these families during a time that seems so hopeless for so many.
We also were able to make sure that all 14 children housed in hotels/motels through Family Promise received lots of fun toys through the generosity of a group Rachel Placitella helps organize -“Holidays for the Homeless”. I am sure all of those children had a wonderful Christmas!!
Finally, I just want to say that MRT is a very caring and generous community and I am proud to be a part of it! 
Have a happy, healthy and peaceful 2021!! 
Cheryl Gaudette
 A BIG Thank You From Family Promise 
A big THANK YOU to everyone who very generously supported the 8 families and 14 children currently being served by Family Promise. Family Promise is the only program in Monmouth County providing housing for homeless families 
MRT was able to help pay for housing, meals, gas and other needs during the week of December 13th .    
During this unprecedented time, the number of families in need has grown tremendously.  The generosity of the MRT community is much needed and appreciated. 
A special thank you to Rachel Placitella’s group who provided wonderful Christmas gifts for all 14 children. 
MRT has provided support to the guests of Family Promise for over 14 years and we hope to continue. 
Thank you and best wishes for a better New Year. 
Climate Advocacy and Environmental Justice
The Social Action Committee has created a sub-group on Climate Advocacy and Environmental Justice.
Global atmospheric warming, caused largely by human activities, is leading to significant changes in climate patterns around the world. These changes will cause increases in temperature, sea-level rise, ocean acidification, increased severity of storms, and will impact natural ecological systems as well as human health. In particular, the greatest impact of the changing climate is already being experienced by disadvantaged communities. And, in addition, New Jersey will be at the forefront of many of these changes. 
What can we do?
The sub-group will educate its members and our community on the causes and impacts of climate change, as well as actions that can mitigate the severity of the change and adapt to changes that will come.     
Beyond education, the sub-group will advocate for policies to minimize, mitigate, and adapt to climate changes. We will advocate for environmental justice for already overburdened communities.
If you are interested, please contact Jay Wiesenfeld (
Jay Wiesenfeld
Rickie Kashdan, Chair, Social Action
Marci Rachlin, Vice-Chair, Social Action
Memorial (Yahrzeit) Plaques
Plaques on our sanctuary walls memorialize past members and their loved ones as well as the loved ones of our current members. Purchasing a plaque ensures that Kaddish will be said, in perpetuity, at temple services during the week of the anniversary of that person’s death. In addition, you, or someone you designate, will be notified prior to each yahrzeit (anniversary) and the names on your plaques will appear in the annual memorial booklet that we distribute each Yom Kippur. By purchasing in advance, you can reserve contiguous spaces for your future needs.
Contact the temple office for additional information.
End Shabbat with MRT!
Havdalah is a beautiful ceremony at the end of Shabbat that marks the distinction between this precious weekly holiday from the week to come.
During January and February, we will continue holding Zoom Havdalah services Saturdays at 7:00 pm. The link will be published in the Tuesday Eblast and in the Friday emails. These will be hosted by a rotating mix of our Clergy and our members. We will have a chance to engage in this service and to connect with fellow temple members.
Upcoming Zoom Havdalah Services:
January 16th
January 23rd,
January 30th,
February 6th,
February 13th,
February 20th,
February 27th
All services start at 7pm
Happy New Year to everyone! May this year see many changes for the better as we leave 2020 behind. There have not been many changes to what Sisterhood has been doing since the last report. There are still monthly book club meetings on Zoom and monthly movie talks on Zoom as well. Mahjong has continued on Tuesdays from 1-3 with its online game. Often we call each other and are able to talk as we play to make it much more personable.  
We had a pretty successful fundraiser with the apple pie and honey or chocolate babka with honey in September. We really appreciate all the women who came to MRT to help. There were enough people who worked on wrapping and labeling all the packages, so we were able to finish early! We were outside, so thank goodness Mother Nature was kind to us. A special thank you to Marci Rachlin for picking up the pies and Margo Hassan for picking up the chocolate babka. Everyone raved about the taste of both so we look forward to doing it again this Fall.
In October, our annual walk to end breast cancer was financially successful, and we were very proud of how much we raised despite the pandemic. There were a half dozen of us who walked the Long Branch boardwalk on a chilly but sunny afternoon. We are very committed to this cause and are glad we were able to continue to help.
Our Sisterhood thanks Karen Kahn and Cantor Clissold for their wonderful ability to lead our group over Zoom with the annual Sukkah celebration. Unfortunately, we were not able to have the incredibly delicious meal from My Kitchen Witch that we have had over the past few years, but we hope and pray that we will all be together this upcoming year and go back to the way things were before. It was great to see so many people participate that evening, even though it was on Zoom.
For Chanukah this year, every night was celebrated somehow by MRT. We hope you had the opportunity to participate in a couple of the programs. One of the nights, Sisterhood sponsored Rabba Claudia Marbach to speak to the congregation about the role of some of the important women in Judaism. She is a wonderful speaker and did a marvelous job. Thanks again to Karen Kahn for introducing us to her. (She and Karen have known each other since middle school!)
Reminder that all MRT women are welcome as Sisterhood members this year with dues optional. We understand the situation that some people may be in and we don’t want that to stop any woman from participating in the events of Sisterhood. Stay well and continue to be safe! Please reach out to us with any comments, questions, suggestions, or ideas.
MRT Sisterhood Co-presidents
Nancy Zaslowe and Ellen Goldberg
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is David Makow and I have recently assumed the position of President of the MRT Men’s Club. I have been a member of MRT since Sep 2019 and immediately joined the Men’s Club.
I was participating in various MRT
activities (poker, Sukkot, Giants, beer making, Hanukkah party, etc.) and was really enjoying it.
Then well you know what happened; the COVID virus hit and almost all
activity stopped. We were still able to have our virtual study with Rabbi Kline and did have a golf outing in October, but that has been about it.
While COVID is still here and will
be for a while, I would like to get the ball rolling again. Towards this end I will be scheduling a virtual meeting in the mid Jan 2021 timeframe. My objective for this meeting is to start planning on what activities we could pursue.
Knowing COVID is still around obviously puts forth restrictions, but there are things we can get involved with (either virtually or in person) as winter turns to spring.
I am providing a draft list as follows:
 Continue virtual Torah and Jewish Heritage Study with Rabbi Kline
 Support the Ritual Committee (Bimah, Usher, Security, etc.)
 MRT Improvement Projects (inside and out)
 Participation in Mitzvah Day
 Family Based BBQ Picnic
 Golf Outing
 Paint Ball (I know the owner of the one by Great Adventure.)
These are just my ideas; please be ready to share your own. The first three items on my list can be done in the near term; the last four would not be until the springtime; adhering to any COVID restrictions.
Please keep your eyes open for the meeting invite. I look forward to seeing you soon and hearing what suggestions you may have.
David Makow; MRT Men’s Club President; ; 732-567-4139.
  • Our next Book Club is on January 14 at 7PM. The book is the Mathematician’s Shiva. Anyone is welcome to join us and you don’t even need to read the book!
  • We will be scheduling our next movie night for January 25. The movie is TBD. Movie nights are monthly and we are open to ideas for good movies to watch and be able to have some good interactive online discussions.
  • As part of the temple’s diversity initiative, Sisterhood will be presenting the next program involving the New York Times Magazine essays entitled 1619. It gives us an opportunity to read about and listen to people who are knowledgeable on the topic of how slavery came to be in the United States, as well as several other topics involving people of color and their disadvantages within the current system. The dates are February 1, 11, and 22. We hope you will be able to join us for some or all of the programs. We will have some incredible speakers all three evenings.
  • Mahjong every Tuesday from 1-3
  • Monthly Book Club 
Virtual Jewish Discussions with Rabbi Kline
Topic: Kosher and Kosher Ketel One Vodka
Time: 7:00 PM Zoom Call (link to be provided via email prior to January 14th)
Our Own Cemetery Space
More than 20 years ago our congregation obtained its own cemetery space within the Temple Beth El cemetery on the North side of Route 33 in nearby Neptune. Several years ago, we obtained additional space (shown in the photo) so that we could better meet the needs of both our Jewish and interfaith families. The new space accommodates sixty-eight grave sites, twenty-one of which have already been purchased by Temple members for future use for themselves and for their loved ones. Consider your family’s needs and contact the temple office for additional information.