MRT Bulletin – Winter, 2022

MRT Community News
Man plans and God laughs. How often have we heard this admonition?
This past September, COVID appeared to be receding. Earlier we had resumed in-person services for those who so chose. Many of us welcomed the High Holy Days in person in our sanctuary and expanded to include the social hall. We were masked, vaccinated, and where possible, socially distanced. 
We had more plans, but then the Delta variant came along.
Your COVID Task Force, headed by past president Margie Wold, continued to meet to find ways we could further open with a modified Hakafah, and the resumption of Onegs and First Friday meals. 
We had more plans, but then the Omicron variant came along. And to make matters worse, we had a snow storm the morning of Friday, January 7th.
We Jews are nothing if not a resilient people and we carried forward with our plans. We made sure we stayed masked until we selected our dinner choices and sat down to eat. As soon as we were finished eating, we put our masks back on.
As I write this column the morning after our first “First Friday Family Shabbat” of the secular New Year entitled the “Camp and Jeans Shabbat”. I can’t tell you how proud I was as several of our campers told us of their experiences made possible by the generosity of Judy Rivkin and the Rivkin Camp Scholarship Endowment. I even managed to shed my usual jacket and tie to get with the dress code of jeans and a white shirt. 
Afterwards, I had the honor of joining the Appio family at the dinner. Their daughter, Lili, was one of our campers and filled me in with her stories about camp, school, and swim team. What wonderful representatives of our MRT families.
One of the highlights of the evening was when we honored Peg Baker with a 90th birthday cake complete with a sparkling candle.
All of this would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of Cantor Clissold. As many of you know, her husband John retired from teaching and he now seems poised for a second career as a restauranteur. He worked tirelessly to prepare and serve the food, following up with his busboy impersonation by cleaning up the food tables.
I hope you all read your weekly e-blast. Jordana has added a new section called Kvelling Korner. Please email or phone Jordana with your special details.
Our synagogue continues to make plans leading up to our special Shabbat service celebrating the 50th anniversary of the ordination of Rabbi Sally J. Priesand on June 3rd. No matter what new COVID variant comes along, I am confident that we will find ways to overcome the challenge.
Stay safe, get your booster, and wear a mask.
Shabbat Shalom.

Here are just a few of our upcoming special events:
January 20th: Adult Education Zoom Program: “Immigration Stories”, 7:30 pm
February 4th: First Friday Family Shabbat Service, 6 pm
February 7th: Sisterhood Book Club, 7 pm
February 11th: SMARTY Ski Trip
February 24th: Adult Education: Zoom Program: FilmShul “Out of Brooklyn”, 7 pm
February 25th: Visual Worship Service, 7 pm
February 26th: 6th Grade Service with Parents, 10 am
“For everything there is a season, for every time a purpose under heaven.” Long before Pete Seger wrote the song; Jim McGuinn of the Byrds arranged it for Judy Collins to sing, or the Byrds made it a household favorite in their own right, King Solomon gets attribution for writing these words in the Book of Ecclesiastes. The author responds to the pai and frustration we experience because of the human failings of ego, fear, and the distortion of justice.
Bob Dylan wrote, “The times they are a changing.” Sam Cooke sang, “Change gonna come.” Change is.
How? When? We know the “why?”. Change happens because life continues to evolve and devolve societally. What is our role in making this change real? John Mayer wrote, “Waiting on the world to change.” While I appreciate his understanding that the world needs to see differently, waiting on it to do so has not yielded us a lot of fruit over the last thousands of years. Proactively, Michael Tait of the Newsboys sings, “It’s a prayer in an empty room. Little things we do when nobody’s around. A hand reaching out to a heart in doubt. It’s the smallest spark that can light the dark. That’s how you change the world.” Sister Hazel topped the charts by reminding us, “If you want to be someone else, if you’re tired of fighting battles with yourself, change your mind.”
As we find ourselves concluding the second year of the COVID pandemic, we cannot help but know that our lives have forever changed. We can discuss the innovative uses of technology in the business and religious worlds. Certainly, more people have access to worship, study, and meetings than ever before. We can talk about the change in the lives and roles of managers and leaders who have more access to family time than ever before, simply because they can work and meet without having to stay away all hours.
At the same time, we have lost the personal touch. We have lost familiarity with intimate time with close people, the filters that remind us of each other’s dignity, the sanctity of the interpersonal spiritual and/or physical embrace.
For everything there is a season, for every time a purpose under heaven.” It is time that we begin rethinking how we live and relate. For too many years, we have lived by default behaviors of “engagement when present.” COVID shocked our societal system because it further ripped apart an already teetering structure – a society self-alienated one from another. I understand that it is easy to worship at home in one’s pajamas. I understand that we have good reasons for not visiting and socially interacting. I also know that society, as we know it should be, will be forever lost if we don’t take the initiative to find new ways of returning into each other’s lives. “Zoom” works for meetings; it also works for a family dinner in disparate locations. The phone allows us to text – it could also let us hear each other’s voices. This is the time and season in our evolution to recreate our social existence. We will certainly get back to a place where we can interact in person again; I want to make sure that we want to when the opportunity arises.
Our MRT programming is diverse. We provide lots of different ways in which to engage each other. The best way to get people to participate, though, is to be proactive and invite them to share in an experience. In this respect, every member of our MRT family is the leader, empowered to help set the course for our congregation family future. We have to become proactive. We have to change our expectations. We have to become more intentional in reaching out past our comfort zones to care for and with each other. For this next calendar season, as mother nature will keep us from spending a lot of time outdoors, please let us know what ideas you have that will help us create even stronger bonds together.
MRT Celebrates Rabbi Sally Priesand’s 50 years in the Rabbinate
Over the next six months, MRT is planning various programs and trips to celebrate 50 years since our Rabbi Emerita, Sally J. Priesand, became America’s first female rabbi. While Rabbi Priesand has been busy this past year receiving honors across the country for her landmark anniversary, these coming months our synagogue is pleased to offer a variety of ways you can join in the celebration:
·        March 3: Day trip to HUC-JIR in New York, where Rabbi Priesand will give the Founder’s Day Address and MRT attendees will get a private tour of the Holy Sparks Exhibit. Details TBD.
·        March 13: Jewish Heritage Museum, Freehold, Opening Reception and Installation of a new retrospective exhibit (details below).
·        May 18-21 or 22: Trip to Cincinnati, Ohio where Rabbi Priesand will give the Shabbat service sermon at the Isaac M. Wise Temple. (details below)
·        June 3: Shabbat service with speakers: Jaclyn Friedman, Steven Hayet, Micah Morgovsky, and Emily St Lifer. Dinner to follow. Details TBD.
We are hopeful that the service for June 3 will allow us all to gather safely and share in a Shabbat dinner. The committee planning the commemorations has been meeting often to coordinate many of the planned events. Our Educator Magda Reyes is working with the religious school and Rabbi Priesand on some programs this spring to learn more about “Sally’s Story”. You do NOT need to be on this committee to lend a hand. We welcome the help from anyone in the congregation who would like to be a part of this effort.
More than one year ago, we celebrated the 60th anniversary of our synagogue and raised thousands of dollars for our education endowments to secure our future. As we honor Rabbi Priesand, her work in our community making a difference, and proudly plan for the future of Monmouth Reform Temple, please consider a gift to the RSJP Endowment Fund for the Future. Donations can be sent to the Temple Office or by clicking the Donate button on the Temple website or by using this link:
Stay tuned for more details. I look forward to celebrating this milestone achievement together!
Marjorie Wold
Past President
Chair, Rabbi Priesand Celebration Committee
Rabbi Sally J Priesand: A 50 Year Celebration
Honoring the Ordination of America’s First Female Rabbi
And her Contributions to Monmouth County
The Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County is delighted to announce the installation of a new retrospective exhibit recognizing the 50th anniversary of the ordination of Rabbi Sally Priesand. There will be an in-person (masked and vaccinated) Opening Reception on Sunday, March 13, 2022 from 3:00PM to 5:00PM with Rabbi Priesand as the honored guest. Due to covid restrictions the reception will be limited to 35 people, plus guests representing the organizations which Rabbi Priesand has served. Admission for the reception is $36 per person. Reservations can be made on the Museum website,, or by calling the Museum at 732-972-2751. When the limit for attendance is reached, interested attendees can register to receive a link to watch live streaming of the festivities (for a suggested donation of $5 per person).
The exhibit, while referencing her ordination on June 3, 1972, is intended to focus on the impact Rabbi Priesand’s presence has had in Monmouth County, and share ways in which her role at MRT led to benefits for the whole community. Sally’s connections include the Trustee Boards at Chhange (Center for Holocaust, Human Rights, and Genocide Education); Planned Parenthood; Interfaith Neighbors; the Jewish Heritage Museum; and the Jewish Federation of Monmouth County. In addition, the Museum will have on display some personal items, including samples of a salt and pepper collection handed down from her grandmother to her mother, and to her. Samples of her watercolors, and photos of her dog companions Shadow and Zeke, will also make an appearance.
Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County, a 501(c)(3) non profit, is located in the Mounts Corner Shopping Center, at 310 Mounts Corner Drive, Freehold at the corner of Route 537 and Wemrock Road (between the CentraState Medical Center and Freehold Raceway Mall), on the second floor of the Levi Solomon Barn. It is handicapped accessible. Masks and vaccinations are required.
Proposed Trip to Cincinnati
Dear MRT Congregants,
I am reaching out to you in my capacity as the coordinator of the proposed trip to Cincinnati, May 18-21 or 22, 2022, to determine your interest in attending the festivities honoring Rabbi Priesand during the weekend of the 2022 Ordination of this year’s rabbinic class. Rabbi Priesand will deliver the Shabbat evening sermon at the Isaac M. Wise Temple in Cincinnati on May 20, and has been invited by the Rabbinic class to be the Hebrew Union College – Institute of Religion Ordination speaker at the graduation service on Shabbat morning. The last time Rabbi Priesand was the Ordination speaker was at the tenth anniversary of her 1972 ordination at the Cincinnati campus.
Transportation and hotel arrangements will be at the discretion of our participants. Please let me know if you plan to attend the trip. I suggest that plane reservations be made as soon as possible to take advantage of current seat availability and lower post-Christmas prices. Do not hesitate to contact me with your questions.
Thank you,
David Levinsky
Click the button below for the suggested itinerary for the trip. Contact David Levinsky at or 732-690-1984 with any questions, and if interested in attending.
Donate to RSJP Endowment Fund for the Future!
In honor of Rabbi Priesand’s 50th anniversary of her ordination, please consider a gift to the Rabbi Sally J. Priesand Endowment Fund for the Future. Help us reach our goal of attaining one million dollars in the endowment. 
Donations may be sent to the Temple Office or by clicking the Donate button on the Temple website, or by using this link:
Click the button below for the video-created 18 years ago – establishing this fund! 

So many amazing things are starting to open up at MRT as we continue to try and navigate the challenge of Covid! With caution and hard work, and due to the wise guidance from our Covid Task Force, we have been able to navigate so many opportunities to keep Judaism experiential and personal. I cannot express how important I believe this is for all of our souls.  
Looking back, our months of “re-opening” have enabled so many fantastic parts of our temple to flourish! Starting in June we brought back our MRT Choir! Not only do they enrich our worship on the Holy Days, but also on Thanksgiving and at our MLK observance. Singing together brought us together! Our entire congregation sees our choir up on our bima. If you are interested in joining our MRT choir please know we welcome you!
Jake : We’re putting the band back together.
Mr. Fabulous : Forget it. No way.
Elwood : We’re on a mission from God
Mr. Fabulous : No, sir, Mayor Daley no longer dines here. 
Jake : If you say no, Elwood and I will come here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day of the week.
Mr. Fabulous : Okay, okay. I’ll play. You got me. 
(Remember the Blues Brothers)
A mission from God! To put our Shir Chadash Band back together at MRT! That is how I see the music at our synagogue! Once a month, every First Friday we have our band BAAACK! If you play an instrument, can read music, and simply love to “jam”, please know we welcome you! Starting in January we had our First Friday dinner after Shabbat. About 50 people were in attendance and we had a wonderful time. We plan to continue this, so please make sure to put this on your schedules! Additionally, we are re-starting Oneg Shabbats after worship as well!  
I now teach in person! No more Zoom! I have been teaching in person since September. All my B’nai Mitzvah students and all the kids in Religious school-every grade- come to me for music! All of my 6th graders studying together in one room! I am teaching music every Sunday! Interacting with these children is one of the joys of my life. I am so happy we can now do it in person!
For pastoral care, I can now visit people in the hospital. For 18 months I could not visit anyone. To now personally be with our temple members when they are hospitalized, this very meaningful part of my work is awe inspiring. I am so sincerely grateful to all the advances in medicine which make this possible. Sadly, we have lost some very beloved members of MRT, but I was able to sit by their bedside. We prayed, we sang and I was blessed.
Purim will be IN PERSON! It has been over 2 years since we could do this! I hope you LOVE the Wizard of Oz! Get ready because March 19th is our Purim Shpiel and Dinner! ”If You Only Have a Brain, please Follow The Yellow Brick Road ” and be in our Shpiel, or simply come have the best time at our performance! Keep an eye out for rehearsals and make sure you come!  
These are just a few of the really important and positive ways we have been able to be together in person at MRT. Simultaneously, we are working to further improve our technology to be inclusive to those who cannot come in person. We miss you very much and wish you could be here, but for some coming back is not possible right now, however you are all VERY important! I am personally working on these technology upgrades to be as excellent as possible virtually and in person.  
Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you as part of our MRT family!  
OUR MRT GAN MAZON (Community Garden)
Volunteer Opportunities
Dear members of our community-
As we approach the new growing season, I need to help call attention to Monmouth Reform Temple’s oldest and one of our most impactful Tzedakah project – our Gan Mazon – the ever-growing garden in the back of our parking lot. Enlarging over three times over the course of its life, our congregation provides thousands of pounds of fresh produce to food pantries across the area. 
At the same time, we have the blessing of Master Gardners who oversee the annual lifecycle of the garden and love teaching/working with volunteers to continue this incredible mitzvah from season to season. Below, please find some more specifics and a brief history of our garden. We hope that everyone who has an interest in gardening, food-insecurity, growing another avenue for social/service interaction with our MRT community, or simply working outdoors and connection to our environment will throw their hat in the ring to volunteer in some capacity.
We also need someone/someone with organizational skills to serve as the Garden Coordinator; to coordinate our volunteers and work with the Master Gardeners to facilitate making sure we have the necessary arms, hearts, and legs at the most necessary times of transition in the garden’s cycle. It is essential to fill this position to keep the garden viable. Our Master Gardeners are on board to make sure that all the tools and knowledge are in place, but we need the people coordination to make it happen. Filling this Garden Coordinator position is essential! This garden only functions because of the love our membership puts into it. Please add yours to the mix. Please contact Rickie Kashdan for more information about volunteer opportunities and the Gan Mazon Garden Coordinator role. Rickie Kashdan:
Kol tuv,
Rabbi Marc
*** *** *** ***
As we search for our new Gan Mazon Coordinator to work with Gloria Gross (certified Master Gardener) we are gearing up for the 2022 growing season. Seeds have been ordered and work will begin mid-March to early April depending on the weather.    There are volunteer opportunities for novice gardeners, experienced gardeners and people who would like to learn about gardening or who just like to work outside. There are also volunteer roles for people to do behind the scenes work including: organizing/sending out emails, coordinating with Jewish Family Services and transporting produce. Young and old alike will enjoy working together (children need to work with their parent/guardian).   Whether you are a returning volunteer or new to the Garden, we welcome you! For more or information and to volunteer, please contact Rickie Kashdan at:   Mitzvah Day, on April 3rd is a great opportunity to get involved – stay tuned for our Mitzvah Day sign up.
History of the MRT garden, in case you’ve wondered:
Gan Mazon began as a 1,000 square feet Boy Scout Eagle Project in 2009 as a Plant a Row Garden, under the direction of Howard Bodner, a certified master gardener, together with Elmo Cohen, also a certified master gardener. (Special recognition of Elmo Cohen and her son William’s important contribution, along with other volunteers who helped to start the Gan Mazon project.)  Then in 2012, David Levinsky, (certified master gardener) and later Eric Nathanson, assumed the leadership role, together with Gloria Gross (another of our wonderful certified master gardeners). Over time, the Gan Mazon was expanded to its current 3,000 square feet. Improvements including a fence, irrigation system and washing station have all contributed to the garden’s growth and success. Currently, Gloria Gross, will continue as the Gan Mazon Master Gardener, together with a new Garden Coordinator (currently being recruited).

Sunday, April 3rd is Mitzvah Day! A day of Tikkun Olam – a day for working to repair our precious world! There are so many who need our help now, more than ever. This is an
opportunity to give to our neighbors and truly be part of the community we live in.
The mitzvah of “service to others” is a part of our tradition here at MRT. Historically, we have all gotten together to work on various community projects. This year, as in 2021, we are planning for a hybrid Mitzvah Day, with a mix of in-person events (some outside and others indoors), projects that can be done at home, religious school projects, virtual giving, and educational opportunities. Our Mitzvah Day committee is planning for an exciting and inspiring range of service activities for all ages and interests. There is something for everyone!
Mitzvah Day has opportunities for us all to work together in solidarity. We look forward to seeing you there!
Please contact us if you would like to lead an activity again, or you have new ideas for
projects. Contact Marcia Rachlin
Marci Rachlin and Dean Ross
Co-Chairs of Mitzvah Day 2022


Congregational Learning
The Stories of Our People:
Where We Came From,
Where We Are,
Where We Are Going…
Thursday, January 20, 2022 at 7:30 pm
Immigration Stories: “Two Lives, One Story” (more info below)
March 24, 2022 AT 7:30 pm
The American Jewish Community: Reflections on
Where We Are & Where We are Going
The American Jewish community is awash in new data about who we are in America in 2021. The Pew Research Center released the findings of its long-awaited 2020 study of American Jews and AJC released the findings of its 2021 Survey on American and Israeli Jewish Opinion. Join Laura Shaw Frank, AJC Director, William Petschek Contemporary Jewish Life, and Rabbi David Levy, Director, AJC New Jersey, for a wide-ranging conversation about American Jews today, how we think about and practice Judaism, how we relate to Israel, and what our future might look like.
Register in advance for this program at:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the ZOOM program.
Rescheduled Ellis Island Trip
Sunday, May 1, 2022

MRT Adult Education Programs
Winter and Spring 2022
Immigration Stories, Thursday, January 20,
7:30 pm on Zoom
We will hear the stories of Magda Reyes and Suraya Kashi, who arrived in the US as young immigrants. They will share maps and photos with us, via PowerPoint slides. Click HERE for the flyer.

FilmShul, Thursday, February 24, 7 pm on Zoom
This program is titled “Out of Brooklyn”. Knowledgeable leaders Laurence Lerman and Irv Slifkin will discuss movies focused on, and filmed in, Brooklyn.
Virtual Israel Tour, Thursday, May 12, 7 pm on Zoom
Licensed Israeli tour guide Rotem Shahar will lead us on a tour of The Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem.
Shabbat Kallah, tentatively scheduled for June 11, with Rabbi Dr. Andrea Weiss of HUC-JIR
MRT Religious School News
We were thrilled to come back to MRT Religious School in-person in September. What a fabulous start to the school year! There was a lot of energy, activity and many smiling faces on the first Sunday of school. We were happy to welcome thirteen new families in the school and 25 new students!
We all agree that having in-person school is much more effective and beneficial for not only academic learning but for the social-emotional growth of our students. Our classes started outdoors, under tents, and gradually moved indoors as the weather got colder. Once indoors, we were very careful to observe all COVID safety protocols and followed the guidelines from the CDC and our own MRT COVID Task Force. Unfortunately, once the Omicron virus infection rates exploded in our area, we switched to online learning (for one Sunday only so far) due to our own staff shortages.
The challenges during this school year were different than in the past. Together with developing meaningful curriculum, communicating effectively with families and providing professional development for teachers as at the start of any other school year, we needed to be sensitive to the needs of our students who missed out on a year of the usual instruction and growth, and were still dealing with learning in the “new normal” environment of the ongoing pandemic.
We had the support of all our temple families and were excited to see all of them participating in our programs this fall. Whether it was a 6th grade Learning Shabbat, Kindergarten/1st, 2nd grade challah baking for Shabbat, congregational Simchat Torah and Chanukah celebrations, Mitzvah Academy volunteering at the Center in Asbury Park, a 5th grade Lashon Harah Family program, 3rd and 4th grade learning how to talk to God through prayer, a Jr. Youth group trip to the farm, and a fabulous Talent Show to end the calendar year; we saw families happy to be back in the temple and part of our community.
Sustaining our school family, welcoming new families into our growing community and developing new relationships; and at the same adapting to the necessities of the COVID environment while also continuing the high level of instruction, has been our priority in the school this fall. We could not have accomplished this without the wholehearted support of all of you.
Thank you,

Our 5th grade students made over 120 lunches that were donated to Lunch Break.

Celebrating Simchat Torah outdoors,

I have a Dream…
Tu B’Shevat and MLK celebrations fell on the same day this year.
Our First Annual MRT Talent Show
showcased our amazing students and our wonderful school community.
It was lots of fun and a great success!
Coming Soon…
MRT Holiday Giving Drive was a Big Success
A big thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s MRT Holiday Giving Drive! Thanks to the generosity of our members, MRT provided meals and gifts to The Center in Asbury Park. Shoppers, wrappers and gift card donors also brought some holiday joy to needy families connected with FRA, and to homeless teens supported by Covenant House in Asbury Park. In addition, thanks to MRT member Dean Ross, donations of new coats, gloves, and socks brought warmth to the The Center and the VA Lyons.
Generous MRT Spirit Brings Christmas to The Center in Asbury Park and to FRA in Red Bank
Under the strong leadership and compassion from MRT member Cheryl Gaudette, MRT sponsored 65 adults through The Center this year. For years, MRT has helped make the lives of residents of The Center a bit brighter with meals and gifts. The delivery of Christmas gifts is a strong tradition.
Father Bob Kaeding Executive Director of The Center in Asbury Park wrote to Cheryl:
“Santa Claus certainly came to the Center this year. This Christmas we were able to gift over 400 of our folks with fantastic gifts. For many clients it is the only gift they receive. Your group helped make it all possible. Your generosity helped fill The Center with Christmas joy and reminded all of us here at The Center how blessed we are.
In January we begin our 30th year of serving people living with HIV/AIDS in our communities. And as you know our folks also often experience extreme poverty, marginalization, housing and food instability and fear. And so, the Center not only gives our clients a place of safety and comfort, but also an abundance of love. And this makes all the difference in their lives.
We at The Center thank you for helping us to make all this possible and wish you a blessed, safe and happy new year.”
MRT members also participated in Operation Santa for Family Resource Associates (FRA) in Red Bank, which was able to bring Christmas joy to 44 needy families. Click the button below for the thank you letter from FRA.
A huge thank you to Cheryl, her husband Steve, and all the people who shopped to make others’ lives a bit brighter at the holiday season.

Happy New Year to everyone! May this year see many changes for the better as we leave 2021 behind. I started last year’s newsletter the same way and I can’t believe that we are still saying the same thing again!  
Sisterhood continues to stay as active as we can during these times. There are still monthly book club meetings on Zoom and sometimes movie talks on Zoom as well. Mahjong has continued but we moved to Wednesdays from 1-3. Up until recently, we were playing together at the temple in person and it was wonderful. A few weeks ago we went back to online playing which is better than nothing. 
We had another successful fundraiser with the apple pie and honey or chocolate babka with honey in September. We really appreciate all the women who came to MRT to help. There were enough people who worked on wrapping and labeling all the packages, so we were able to finish early! We were outside, so thank goodness Mother Nature was kind to us once again. A special thank you to Marci Rachlin for picking up the pies and the babka. Thank you to everyone who supported our fundraiser this year!
In October, our annual walk to end breast cancer was financially successful and we were very proud of how much we raised despite the pandemic again. There were many MRT members and the Mitzvah Academy students and mothers who walked the Long Branch boardwalk on a sunny morning. We are very committed to this cause and are glad we were able to continue to support this cause.
Our Sisterhood thanks Cantor Clissold again for leading our Sisterhood Sukkot dinner and service online. We had a wonderful turnout of members and are so glad that we were able to do something even though we were not together. Hopefully next year we will go back to eating the incredibly delicious meal from My Kitchen Witch that we have had over the past few years.
We were thrilled to have an in-person Out and About lunch at the No LImits cafe this Fall. There were 14 members who came to support this amazing restaurant who employ people who are mentally challenged. The food there is delicious, it is reasonably priced, the people are lovely, and we all enjoyed our time out together. There were even some of us who made it into the newspaper!
Thank you to all of the women who helped arrange and drop off the Welcome Baskets to our 43 new member families. It truly was a labor of love. Sisterhood purchases all of the items that go into the baskets and then delivers them on Thursday or Friday so the family can use some of the items for Shabbat. We have heard back from a few of the families about how much they appreciate and enjoy the baskets. It truly makes them feel welcome! If any temple members have wicker baskets to donate, we will gladly take them off your hands.
Some of you may not know that Sisterhood uses some of our funds we raise to support various organizations. Family Promise, Lunch Break, the American Cancer Society, Chhange, and The Center in Asbury Park have received donations for years. This year we decided to also donate to Family Resource Associates (FRA). We would have helped fund the LaTaken trip for the 10th grade students, but unfortunately the trip was canceled. We also give scholarships to graduating seniors every year. In addition, Sisterhood hired and paid for the kitchen and hallway to be repainted and for the floor to be replaced. Just some of the many wonderful ways that Sisterhood gives back to the temple. This is why we need our members to support our fundraisers.
  • Our next movie night is January 26th. The movie is The Unforgivable starring Sandra Bullock.
  • We are open to ideas for good movies to watch and be able to have some good interactive online discussions.
  • Our next Book Club is on February 7 at 7 pm on Zoom. The book is Man’s Search for Meaning. Anyone is welcome to join us and you don’t even need to read the book!
  • Mahjong every Wednesday from 1-3
  • Monthly Book Club 
  • Dessert, cocktails, and trivia on Zoom on February 16th at 7:30 pm
  • Reminder that all MRT women are welcome as Sisterhood members. If you are new to MRT, your dues are waived for this year. Stay well and continue to be safe! Please reach out to us with any comments, questions, suggestions, or ideas.
MRT Sisterhood Co-presidents,
Nancy Zaslowe and Ellen Goldberg