Accessing the Online Learning Center

  1. Go to: – if you do not remember the email address you provided please email Stephanie Fields at
  2. After you have logged in, Click “OLC” on the top of the page & click the link on the left in the dropdown menu that says “Enter the OLC”.
  3. From this point they can enter into their class by clicking the blue arrow in the box that states their class.
  4. Now click the big, green button on the upper left-hand side of the screen that says “Play”.
  5. Click the portion of the service that your prayer is located in (5th is currently in Prayers for Peace and 6th and 7th are in the Torah service).
  6. Click on the prayer that your child is working on at the moment (5th grade is currently working on Shalom Aleichem – and 6th and 7th currently working on – Birchot HaTorah Blessings before and after the Torah, and Birchot HaHaftarah).
  7. Behrman House might ask if you want to share your microphone at this time. Please answer yes otherwise you will be unable to record.
  8. To hear individual words read aloud click on that word. To hear a line read aloud click on the number. To hear the whole prayer click on the big yellow button on the bottom right hand side of the page that says “Listen”.
  9. To record click the big red target on the bottom left-hand side of the page that says “record”. A microphone will pop up with a red “x” and a black circle with a red circle inside. To exit out of recording click the red “x” to record click the red circle. You will know if it is recording when the red circle changes to a blue square. To finish recording click the blue square. Once you have finished recording you will see an “x”, a red dot, a triangle, and a check. The “x” cancels you out of everything, the red dot is to rerecord. The triangle is to hear your recording and the check is to send your recording. Once you click the check then two arrows will appear in a circle and below it will say “encoding”. Once it has encoded your recording a page will appear for you to name your recording and automatically upload it to Behrman House.

You have now successfully uploaded your recording! Thank you for taking the time to complete this!